Top 7 marketing examples from businesses

Maintaining effective online marketing campaigns can be a crucial part of any business’s success. From small businesses to global corporations, companies of all sizes understand the importance of implementing innovative digital marketing strategies to reach their target audiences. To help you get a better understanding of the modern digital landscape, here are seven real-world examples of marketing campaigns from businesses that have achieved notable results.

1. Coca-Cola: The Share a Coke Campaign – Coca-Cola launched their Share a Coke campaign in 2014 in an effort to strengthen their relationships with their customers. The campaign used custom labels with names and nicknames on beverage bottles. Coca-Cola’s goal was to increase engagement by encouraging customers to take selfies with their personalised bottles and share them on social media. The campaign was a huge success and resulted in a 35% increase in sales.

2. MeUndies: 10% Rule Video – MeUndies is an ecommerce business specialising in selling high-quality underwear. They created a short video ad that utilised the popular 10% Rule, which states that you should only spend 10% of your budget on ads and 90% on creative. The ad showed consumers how they could save time and money by subscribing to MeUndies’ service. The video was a hit and resulted in a 17% increase in potential customers for MeUndies.

3. Airbnb: Home for the Holidays – Airbnb sought to boost their bookings during the holiday season by launching their Home for the Holidays campaign. The campaign focused on the idea that there is no place like home for the holidays and encouraged consumers to book an Airbnb stay on or around the holiday so they could enjoy the comforts of home and the comforts of travel. The campaign was a success and resulted in a 14% increase in bookings for the brand.

4. Patagonia: Worn Wear Program – Patagonia, an outdoor apparel and gear company, launched the Worn Wear program in 2013. The program sought to encourage customers to properly care for their Patagonia gear and to repair, recycle, and repurpose their existing items instead of buying new ones. The Worn Wear campaign was a hit, resulting in a 20% increase in sales of repaired and repurposed items.

5. Sephora: Beauty Inside Out – Sephora, an international beauty retailer, ran their Beauty Inside Out campaign to promote their makeup and cosmetics products. The campaign focused on self-confidence, and featured inspiring messages on posters and online advertising to encourage consumers to express themselves and to be confident with who they are. The campaign resulted in a 23% increase in sales.

6. Amazon: Prime Day – To boost sales, Amazon launched their Prime Day event in 2015. The event features sales and discounts on thousands of products for Amazon Prime customers, resulting in a 33% increase in sales during the event’s first year.

7. Nike: Breaking2 – To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Roger Bannister’s historic 4-minute mile, Nike launched their Breaking2 campaign. The campaign featured a series of events and challenges centred around running, culminating in an attempt to break the 2-hour marathon barrier. The campaign was a huge success and helped to promote the Nike brand globally.

These are just a few examples of innovative marketing campaigns that have been implemented by various companies. By understanding the needs of their target audience, these businesses were able to create highly effective campaigns that drove real results. With the right strategy, you too can launch successful digital marketing campaigns that will help to grow your business.

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