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Keeping your beauty salon running is very time consuming. Do you struggle to find time to update your website, send newsletters & emails to your customers and post on social media?

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Stop wasting money on Marketing Agencies that charge £400 a month and produce low-quality content. We are 95% less expensive and don’t tie you in.

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Are you struggling to increase sales and reach more customers? Marketing is the only way to do this, but is often far too expensive.

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Instantly write blog posts and newsletters

Defeat writer’s block by writing high quality blog posts and emails to your list in less than 30 seconds.

Write irresistible sales headlines & offers

Grab your customer’s attention with a perfectly written sales headline and offer. Instantly use on your website and adverts.

Write eye-catching social posts

Create unmissable social posts that is guaranteed to lead to more clicks & sales.

Generate Lists of Ideas

Generate eye-catching ideas for marketing and use them on your social media and website.


We give small hairdressers and beauty salons stress-free days and save them time and money on their marketing by harnessing the power of AI to instantly social posts, create blogs, emails, website content and a lot more

About us

We have been on a mission to help hairdressers and beauty salons for 15+ years.
This involves building websites and apps for small businesses, as well as well-known brands such as Astrazenca, McDonalds, Experian and HM Government. One recent project is the LoyalFree app: a place promotion app that supported over 10,000 local businesses and was used by over 100,000 people.
MyQuickCopy.com is Jason’s latest project and fits the mission perfectly by giving small businesses access to incredible marketing at a super affordable price (95% cheaper than the alternatives)!
Keep reading to see how we can help you.

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Multi-Award-Winning Developer for Small Businesses

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Become a Salon Marketing expert by following the 3 simple steps below to let us create blog posts, social posts, emails, website content and more for you – 100% Guaranteed to improve your marketing and increase your salon visits


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Choose what you want to generate (e.g. blog post or social post) and answer 1-3 simple questions


Watch incredible writing happen for you, instantly! Copy it, edit it, use it and wait for more sales to come in

It takes 30 seconds to sign up for FREE
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If using MyQuickCopy.com leads to 1 extra sale OR saves you 1 hour of work a month, then it has already paid for itself.
It is definitely a no-brainer for all Hairdressers and Beauty Salons.
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Look at the picture below.
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“When you first emailed me, I was like, oh yeah – another AI system. Until I logged in! 😂 . Now I ❤️ it. Thanks for convincing me to try it, I’d have really missed out otherwise. Ooh, what a fun day I’m having playing with AI!”

Colette Bratton
Founder of Small Business Equaliser and Marketing Angel

Imagine Having More Time & Money, While Your Beauty Salon Keeps Growing

With MyQuickCopy.com doing all of the heavy lifting of writing for you, you’ll be experiencing the following benefits in your new stress-free life of running a successful salon:
1) Feel happier and more productive knowing you’ve got world-class Salon marketing at a fraction of the cost
2) Love your brand & online presence. Be proud of the business you’ve made
3) Spend more time doing the work and things you love and a lot less time on marketing

What Are The Risks Of Not Signing Up?

You could click here to try it for free, or you could continue to waste precious time and money on Marketing.
You will lose hours and days either worrying about not doing enough marketing or wasting time writing blog posts, social posts, job specs and more.
You’ll never get that work-life balance you’ve always dreamt of because you’ll be wasting too much time on the Marketing you know is required to make sales to survive.
In the end, your salon may not grow or even survive without Marketing help – and traditional marketing (agencies and employees) are 95% more expensive than MyQuickCopy.com

What Can We Write For You?

Full Disclosure: we will need 8 seconds of your time to understand your business

Blog posts or newsletters

Defeat writer’s block by letting us write incredible content for you in less than 20 seconds.

Social posts

Create an unmissable social post that is guaranteed to lead to more clicks & sales.

Job specs

Struggling to find the perfect employee? Let us instantly create an appealing job spec for you.

Understand your market

Make more sales, easily, by getting instant insight into what your customers want and care about.

The benefits of your offering

Articulate your offering in a way that is guaranteed to improve your sales. Use on your website, in emails and more.


Increase trust and engage your readers to keep them interested in your offering with an unmissable story.

A company bio

Tired of having to explain your company in an engaging way? Instantly create your bio in under 20 seconds.


Grab your customer’s attention by creating the best headline your industry has ever seen, instantly. Perfect for your website or a social post.

Sales copy

Put the right words on your website or in an email and you will get a sale. Let us write this for you to start increasing your sales today.

Do you want to save time and money by using our Salon AI to write everything your business needs?

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